Compared to PCR tests, a rapid antigen test is less sensitive and specific. Rapid antigen tests are of high quality, when they result in as few as possible false-negative and false-positive test results. This means a sensitivity >90% and a specificity >98%.

Our products are clinically proven through various studies and depict a sensitivity between 96.5% (Technomed) and 98.0% (Green Spring). The specificity is also very high: 99.0% for the Technomed test und 100.0 % for the Green Spring test.

Rapid antigen tests, certified by the EU with the CE label, are marketed without further licenses or certificates being necessary. This is why the federal institute for pharmaceutical products, the “Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel (BfArM)” has created a list of certified products. Only products for which the performance data points are in accordance with the criteria by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI) are included in this list.

The rapid antigen tests offered by us are listed with the BfArM and evaluated by the PEI.